Bankruptcy And Business Law Attorneys

At Pick & Zabicki LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to addressing all of your legal needs when it comes to your business or if you are a high net worth individual thinking about filing for bankruptcy. We are a two-man boutique law firm who have handled and clearly represented every type of business. We take a different approach to problems and find alternative ideas. That's what makes Pick & Zabicki LLP unique. We never stop thinking. We are dedicated to our clients first and apply a common sense approach to all problems.

Got Legal Questions? We're Here To Solve Your Problems.

We know the challenges you are facing, and we strive to find the best solution to help you achieve your business goals or obtain a fresh financial start.

Our New York City bankruptcy and business law attorneys understand the legal implications of every option. We handle all types of business issues and will discuss with you all available options and the pros and cons of such options before making a recommendation on a particular option.

Every question has an answer — you just have to find it. We take a creative approach to ensure the best possible solution is found to resolve your legal issue.

Bankruptcy And Business Knowledge You Can Trust

Our law firm is made up of skilled attorneys who have more than 46 years of combined experience handling business law and bankruptcy issues. We have extensive experience helping high net worth individuals, including executives, physicians, attorneys and business owners handle a variety of legal matters, which include:

  • Chapter 7 and hapter 11 bankruptcy for individuals and corporations, as well as creditors, and other interested parties
  • Bankruptcy litigation, including preferential transfer, fraudulent conveyance and other "claw back" actions
  • Business and commercial litigation cases
  • Business formation, transactions and contracts
  • Real estate transactions
  • Creditors' rights issues
  • Assignments for the benefit of creditors, which offer an expeditious and economical liquidation of corporate assets under state law

We can address all of your legal needs and review all of your options to find the best solution to your specific legal issue. Our lawyers are known for their big-firm experience delivered in a small-firm approach — we take care of our clients and always look out for their best interests now and in the future.

Obtain The Legal Advice You Need

Our law firm represents and has represented clients in New York City, New York, and throughout the country, and can provide you with knowledgeable legal representation. To speak with us, call our attorneys at 212-695-6000, or contact Douglas Pick or Eric Zabicki. to see how we can help you with your business or bankruptcy needs.