Business And Commercial Litigation

At Pick & Zabicki LLP, we are skilled bankruptcy and business and commercial litigation attorneys and have decades of experience representing clients in state and district courts.

Litigation May Be The Last Step, But It May Be Necessary

Litigation may be the last step for many businesses. We know how difficult and expensive the litigation process can be, but sometimes litigation is necessary to find any type of resolution between parties.

Our attorneys are known for taking an aggressive approach in the courtroom. However, we also take an innovative approach to make sure all options are considered to find the best solution for your specific problem.

We will explore all options, explain the issues and the impact it may have on your company so you can make the best decision for you and your company.

Protecting Your Best Interests And Helping You Understand Your Options

We use a variety of litigation skills during bankruptcy and business cases. Our lawyers know how challenging it can be to run your business during this time — trust us to help you understand all of your options before you decide the best course of action.

Our experience in the courtroom helps us understand our clients' needs and the potential outcomes in their case. Our innovative approach and ability to look at each case in a new way set us apart from other law firms. Find out for yourself why we are trusted and successful litigation attorneys in New York.

Let Us Fight To Protect Your Best Interests

Our attorneys have decades of litigation experience and represent clients in New York City, New York. Find out for yourself why we are trusted and successful litigation attorneys in the state. Call us at 212-695-6000 or contact Douglas Pick or Eric Zabicki.