Creditors' Rights

Representing Creditors In New York

Many businesses and individuals struggle to pay their bills or repay their debt. What are your options when a debtor files for bankruptcy? How will you get paid? The attorneys at Pick & Zabicki LLP can explain your rights and discuss all your options to help you get the money you are owed.

We are located in midtown New York, and our attorneys understand creditors' rights. We can explain your legal options. We have experience helping individuals, businesses, creditors, landlords and/or tenants after a debtor has filed for bankruptcy.

Our Knowledge Of Creditors' Rights And Issues Helps You Get Paid

Our skilled lawyers will carefully review your documentation to better understand your options as well as to see how a judge will view your case. Because we handle both sides of bankruptcy cases (both debtors and/or creditors), we know what the courts look at and what options are available to help you recover your money. We look at the entire picture to make sure your rights are protected and to find the best solution for you or your company.

Dealing with bankruptcy courts can be complex. We know what to do and have years of success on our side.

Our lawyers make sure all documentation is in order when filing motions to get the best outcome in your case. Proper documentation and understanding of your unique situation is as important to Pick & Zabicki LLP as it is to you.

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