Business Formation

Setting up a corporation can be complicated, especially if you aren't sure about the impact each type of corporation will have on your company's success. Our attorneys at Pick & Zabicki LLP can help address all of your business formation issues.

What Type Of Corporation Should You Choose?

The type of corporation you choose can impact your company in several ways. We can explain the different types of corporations, which include sub-chapter S corporations, C corporations and LLCs. Our lawyers will explain the pros and cons of each by weighing the impact each type will have on your business now and in the future.

We look at the tax implications and overall impact each type of corporation will have on your business. Our lawyers then make recommendations as to what option is in your best interests.

Our law firm has decades of experience drafting and reviewing agreements. We can make sure the following types of agreements are accurate, protect your best interests and are easy to understand by all parties:

  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements

Attention to detail is vital when forming a business. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with individualized attention to make sure everything is accurate and protects their company.

You can trust us to carefully review your agreements and explain all of your options during the business formation process.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Business Formation Goals

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