Assignment For The Benefit Of Creditors

At Pick & Zabicki LLP, we have experience in handling cases involving assignments for the benefit of creditors. Our attorneys understand these cases very well. Douglas J. Pick has been appointed as the assignee in many state court liquidations in New York.

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Our lawyers are trusted in the courtroom, and we make sure all issues are addressed quickly and handled properly. As an alternative to Chapter 7 relief, Pick & Zabicki LLP has handled state court assignments for the benefit of creditors.

Douglas J. Pick has often been designated as the assignee of insolvent businesses. We will handle everything for you, including liquidating your assets and paying off creditors. This process can be complicated and requires qualified and experienced lawyers — we have been trusted to handle many cases, including having been appointed as the assignee in the following cases and many others in New York:

603 Second Avenue Corp d/b/a Benjamin’s

John Anthony Company I, Ltd.

Aufbau Trust (100 percent distribution to creditors)

La Minetta LLC

Bradley Stephens LLC

Louis Nelson Associates

Cadet Importers, Ltd.

Norlander Contracting Corp.

Cadillac Carpet Corp.

PB Group Inc.

Cafe Nacional LLC

Paper Doll Apparel, Inc.

Carmine Street CRU LLC

Penwith LLC

Connexus Corporation

Peter DeNatale, Inc.

Dahlhaus Lighting Inc.

Phoenix Media Group LLC

DaSilvano Corp

The Rail Network, Inc. (100 percent distribution to creditors)

Epic Advertising Limited

The Red Top Company, LLC

Epic Marketplace Inc.

Samo's Sons Inc.

Epic Media Group

SG Apparel, LLC

Fat Pipe Partners III, LLC

Stationer's Engraving and Printing Co.

Firstlook Inc.

Tactronics Holdings LLC (100 percent distribution to creditors)

Fluidity Fitness, LLC

Tactronics Group International, LLC (100 percent distribution to creditors)

Food Resources, Inc.

Tradepaq TRM LLC

Food Scope America, Inc.

TRN Atlanta, LLC

Food Scope Midtown, LLC

TSI Broadband, Inc.

Food Scope NY, LLC

Turing Advisors, Inc.

GRS Furs Inc.

Turing Capital, Inc.

Insulated Structures Inc.

Jerry WWHS Co., Inc.

Our knowledge of this process sets us apart and is why we have successfully handled so many of these cases. Our law firm prides itself on being able to handle complex bankruptcy issues. We are dedicated to making sure the assignment for the benefits of creditors is handled properly from the start.

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