Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

When your business is struggling or has a significant amount of debt, Chapter 11 bankruptcy may help solve your problems. At the law office of Pick & Zabicki LLP, we can review your options to see how we can help you get out of debt.

Our office is located in midtown New York, and we represent individuals, corporations, executives, physicians, attorneys and other professionals throughout the area. We can guide you through the complex nature of Chapter 11 bankruptcy claims and/or out-of-court options, and make sure we find the best solution for you.

Knowledge Of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases require experienced and knowledgeable attorneys who know the intricacies of the Chapter 11 case and will consider all factors in your case to find the best solution. It is essential to understand how filing for bankruptcy will impact your company now and in the future before making any final decisions and to understand the plan and strategy to navigate through the Chapter 11 process. Pick & Zabicki LLP has successfully confirmed the majority of Chapter 11 cases where it has represented the Chapter 11 company and/or executives and professionals who have filed for Chapter 11 relief.

Our clients receive dedicated attention, and we make sure they are fully informed throughout the entire process. We know that struggling with debt is hard enough. Let us help you find the best solution for your company.

Helping You Every Step Of The Way

Our law firm will be there every step of the way. A Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy case needs to be handled properly. Careless small mistakes can affect your case in major ways. We make sure your bankruptcy case is correct the first time, and ensure the process is done right.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Lawyers

To discuss if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is right for you, call us at 212-695-6000 or contact Douglas Pick or Eric Zabicki.